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LightForce™ - the only 3D printed bracket system

Orthodontic technology is constantly improving, and we keep on the cutting-edge of the industry to provide the best quality results for our patients. That’s why we are so excited to offer LightForce™ braces, the first fully customizable braces treatment.

How does LightForce™ treatment work?

When you come in for your free consultation, we will take a complete set of digital scans of your smile. We will then use those scans to create custom brackets for each and every one of your teeth. Finally, we use our state-of-the-art 3D printer to create the brackets that you will use during treatment!

LightForce braces

A perfect fit for each smile

The LightForce™ system brings a new level of flexibility and control to our treatment plans. Our orthodontists can program the LightForce™ brackets with a patient-specific prescription to produce the most accurate results. Plus, not only are the brackets custom made, but we can even place them in any location on the tooth. This will control the movement of your teeth and can help make your treatment move along a lot faster than more traditional solutions.

LightForce braces

Benefits of LightForce™ braces

  • Custom - these brackets will fit your smile (and only your smile) better than any braces before them
  • Discreet - the 3D printed brackets are tooth-colored to help blend in with your smile
  • Precise - our orthodontists have control over every part of your treatment, getting you the best results possible
  • Swift - with that custom fit comes less need for adjustments - you’ll be flying through your treatment!

LightForce braces

Ready for a 100% customized smile with LightForce™?

Come in to our clinic for a free consultation with our helpful staff. We can answer your questions about LightForce™ treatment, and start you on your way to your future smile.

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LightForce braces

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