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Experience fewer office visits with breakthrough Dental Monitoring technology

Our patients love the freedom and convenience of virtual office visits. When you choose Spark Aligners we will be able to monitor most of your smile journey from home. This means fewer office visits, better progress tracking, and a faster road to your best smile

What is Dental Monitoring?

Through an app on your smartphone, you will be able to upload highly accurate “smile scans”. These will be accessible by your orthodontist through a carefully engineered program on our computers. Your orthodontist will monitor your progress, send you updates and instructions, and fine-tune any treatment protocol as needed to maximize your results. This enables more accurate results and fewer office visits.

How does Dental Monitoring work?

Dental Monitoring is extremely easy to use. All you need is a smartphone or an iPad. When you begin your treatment plan, we will help you download the Dental Monitoring app and show you how to use it. At home, you will upload “smile scans” weekly (or as often as your orthodontist recommends).

You’ll also be able to visualize the progress you are making with a nifty before & after feature on the app. Everything is straight-forward and user-friendly. You can even send questions or concerns directly to your orthodontist. And if you ever need help with something, our friendly staff is only a phone call away.


Get incredible results with Spark clear aligners

This revolutionary orthodontic treatment is changing the face of the entire dental industry. Metal brackets and wires are no longer the only options for straightening teeth. Patients around the globe are discovering the ease and convenience of this nearly invisible orthodontic treatment system. Warford Orthodontics committed to delivering outstanding results with Spark clear aligners. When it comes to your smile, you deserve the best. That’s why we offer highly skilled orthodontists, personalized treatment plans, and Dental Monitoring technology.

Benefits of Dental Monitoring

  • Fewer office visits. Many of our patients complete their Invisalign® treatment in only 5 in-person visits.
  • Communication made easy. When it’s time to switch aligners or make an adjustment to your treatment, you’ll be alerted right away through your app.
  • Close progress tracking. We will be able to monitor your progress closely and catch potential problems before they develop.
  • In-app messaging. You can message your orthodontist and his team directly through the app.
  • Before & after feature. You can see the progress you’ve made at any time by clicking on the before & after feature. While the daily changes may seem small or noticeable, you’ll be shocked at how far you’ve come when you look back at where you started.

Your best smile in only 5 visits*

Are you ready to begin your smile transformation? We are ready to help you achieve all your orthodontic goals with our highly experienced staff, customized treatment plans, and affordable financing options. Sign up for a free consultation and we can get started right away.

*Each treatment plan is different. While many patients can finish their treatment in only 5 or fewer office visits when they use dental monitoring, this may not be true for everyone. The most important thing is creating the best, most beautiful smile possible for you.