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Smile Stories

Can a smile change the world?

We think so and it’s our motto: “Changing the World, One Smile at a Time”

That’s why we’ve dedicated 43 years to being the best choice for your orthodontic transformation, changing nearly 20 thousand smiles in the region in that time.

A smile you’re proud of means greater self confidence which leads to more success in life and more happiness! That’s one way we give back to this great community – one smile at a time.

change the world

Our Patients love to inspire others to seek the transformation they have benefited from so much themselves.

Do you want to inspire others by telling us your world-changing smile story? And if you want to “go big”, check the box below to be considered for a future billboard. We’re proud to say that every smile we’ve ever featured has always been one of our Patients!

Is yours a story of improved health, more confidence, new relationships or new opportunities? Those are few of the common themes we hear after treatment.  These stories of transformation are what our work is all about!