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Before & afters

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come!


Amanda had a significant smile transformation that consisted of clear aligners and oral surgery to get this amazing result. Her great smile was noticed by a man and now they’re engaged!


Ashlee was traveling over 100 miles to come to our office, so she was thrilled that with remote monitoring, we were able to complete her treatment in 2 visits.


Colone was one of our long-distance patients, traveling over 150 miles each way. He’s happy to have his back teeth fitting like they’re supposed to.


Cade was 8 when he started, and had his top teeth not fitting outside his bottom teeth. This crowding causes bite development problems, as well as not having enough room for his permanent teeth. Only wearing his aligners after school and at night, we got the space needed so he can get his teeth in. Another benefit is a straighter smile!


Darrin is in public relations, and was “sick of hiding my smile”. He and his wife were both amazed that we achieved this great result in 9 months!


For many, spaces are as concerning as crooked teeth. In sales, Dre has a newfound confidence when working with his customers.


Dheeraj moves yearly for his job, and was hoping to get his treatment completed before his next move. Using clear aligners and Accelerated Orthoontics, we got his smile changed in time and he’s thrilled to be meeting his new city with a new smile!


Even mildly crooked teeth, when straightened, can make a big difference in someone’s confidence and smile!


Gunnar is a dedicated teen that had his “snaggle tooth” lined up without extraction of any permanent teeth in 10 months using aligners. You can bet he’s smiling a lot bigger at school!


Kelsey is a great example of how well clear aligners can correct bite problems. Getting her bite fixed improved her jaw pain significantly, and she can concentrate 100% on her non-profit organization that helps families in crisis. Making the world better, one smile at a time!


Laura wanted to get her teeth “straighter before my wedding”. This isn’t her final result, but what was accomplished with aligners in 9 months. Needless to say, the bride was smiling bigger in her pictures!


Lexsie is from Montana, and was missing a front tooth. Clear aligners made the space and got the teeth straightened so an implant could be placed. She is now in college, smiling confidently! Who knows what’s in her future with the new potential a great smile brings?


Originally from Oregon, Logan had severely crooked lower teeth and really has had an “extreme makeover” and dramatic smile improvement.


From Montana, Megan was very dedicated to her clear aligner treatment and achieved her result without jaw surgery.


Mercedes is missing two front teeth. We made space with clear aligners and moved her canines to the proper position. Because she’s not old enough to get the implants to replace the teeth, she still has composite bumps on the front teeth, so the roots don’t tip into the space. As you can imagine, she’s smiling big at school, even though she is still wearing a retainer!


Micheal was told that he wasn’t a candidate for aligners in other offices. When we finished his treatment, he suggested somebody better tell Dr. John that this doesn’t work. “He’s working miracles with it”.


Mike is an attorney who travels a lot for work. Clear aligners worked great for his lifestyle, and remote monitoring minimized his visits. When working with clients, his now bigger smile matches his big personality.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Rachel is thrilled with her result, and yes, aligners (when the orthodontist has thousands of patients in experience with it) can do amazing things!


Rhonda was thrilled to have her significant lower crowding corrected with aligners, and by getting the teeth more supported in the bone, her gum tissue problems improved as well!


Vicki was a long-distance patient who saw dramatic changes in her smile and jaw joint pain when her front teeth were put in the proper position and her bite improved.


Wayne had braces many decades ago, and had permanent teeth extracted (was very common back then). Since the spaces had drifted open over the years, he wanted to put them in the right spot so he could get implants to replace the missing teeth.

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