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Our iTero is Here and Why That’s Great News For YOU!

Our iTero has arrived, the first used by an orthodontic office in North Dakota!

At Warford Orthodontics, we are constantly trying to improve your treatment experience. Getting rid of messy impressions for Invisalign and diagnostic records certainly fits that mission!

iTero is a digital scanner that essentially takes very high tech pictures of the teeth, recording everything into a “digital impression” that we can store or upload to Invisalign. There is no mess and it’s faster and more accurate than previous methods. That means less time in the chair and faster results for you!

Invisalign impressions need to be perfect, and its all too often that multiple need to be taken to get it just right. With iTero, if an area wasn’t scanned perfectly, one quick click is all that’s needed to add the information to the digital impression.

Another benefit that you will enjoy is that we will be able to show you an approximation of what your teeth will look like after treatment within minutes of your iTero scan.

We know you’re excited to get started with Invisalign, and the iTero will cut the turnaround time to getting your aligners in half.

If you have any questions about the new iTero scanner, please ask them in the comments section below or you can simply call and request an appointment today!