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Our Advancements in Invisalign Treatment

Jerred, an Invisalign Teen Patient

At Warford Orthodontics, we’re in a constant state of improvement. Whether it’s our skill at providing different treatments or embracing technological advancement, if there’s a direct benefits to our Patients we take it very seriously.

Invisalign has been a main focus for us in the last five years, resulting in our office being the leading Invisalign provider in the Bismarck area.

Statistics are showing that Invisalign is of great interest to many of our Patients, so I thought an update to my popular blog post from 2013 “How Does the Invisalign Process Work” would be informative to our readers, new and old.

The biggest technological change we’ve seen is how we capture the data about your teeth to make a “virtual model” for use with Invisalign. In the past, we used “impressions” which were somewhat uncomfortable and messy, that were sent to Invisalign to get digitally scanned. Since early 2014, we have been using our own iTero Scanner, which accomplishes this faster, more accurately and more comfortably than an impression by taking a series of images of your teeth from every angle. This computerized model is then sent to Invisalign in seconds and the work on your treatment starts. Coming in early 2016, we’re getting the latest technology iTero Scanner which uses video images for even faster and more accurate scans than the current iTero.

Our scanning technology can simulate your new smile in a matter of minutes!

The process of interfacing with the orthodontist has changed too. Now I’m able to move the teeth virtually on my computer to get the teeth exactly how I want them. It’s the art of orthodontics without bending a wire and it’s very cool technology.

Experience matters: We’re North Dakota’s only Invisalign Elite Provider.

Other than technology, our experience has increased significantly as well, and the benefit to our Patients are obvious. In 2014 we achieved the “Invisalign Elite” provider level, of which there are only about 250 in the country. This took a lot of work, learning and a whole team effort to accomplish. As a result, our diagnosis and treatment are more streamlined, efficient and our proficiency in treating more difficult cases has increased exponentially.

Becoming an Invisalign Teen Provider has opened up a whole new Patient group that are just as excited about the esthetics of Invisalign as adults are. In addition to esthetics, the benefits for teens are easier brushing, lack of broken braces and fewer visits, especially appreciated by those traveling from out of town.

We’re advancing Invisalign in our dental community.

Also on the experience theme, I gave a presentation in March of this year to over 150 dentists and dental staff members in the area. I discussed the myths and realities of Invisalign and showed numerous cases comparing braces and Invisalign treatments. It was well received and the positive comments were great to hear.

There have been logistical challenges to overcome when incorporating such a dramatically different type of treatment modality. We had to develop many in office systems on our own to handle the treatment coordination that Invisalign requires. These have now improved to the point where other orthodontic offices are learning from us. We developed a cloud based Patient Tracking System so the whole team can be coordinated on the status of each Invisalign case.

Now into my thirteenth year of private practice, I have to admit that Invisalign has not only increased the challenge, but also the fun of being an orthodontist. It’s a challenge to make as many treatment decisions as possible in the beginning, working with the technicians at Invisalign to be sure the movements are not only desired, but possible. It’s fun because of how accepted the technology is by the Patients; people who never considered traditional braces before are seeking Invisalign treatment bringing even more people to the awesome transformation that orthodontic treatment can provide.

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