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My Favorite Jewelry – a Poem for Jerene

Written by a family member of Jerene

I used to smile lightly,
So my lips would not reveal
The tooth fairy’s sense of humor
And the fact I got a raw deal.
I wished I could get braces
But feared if would never come true
Because money was an issue
And I became sick with cancer too.
Then you heard about my dream,
And offered me a priceless gift
You gave my teeth silvery jewelry,
And my spirits they did lift.
My smile transformed overnight,
And I wanted everyone to know
That I Jerene, had braces
And I would open my mouth to show.
But my journey ended early
And we didn’t get to see
The end result we were hoping for
But that was OK with me.
They say you can’t take things with you
When you pass to the other side,
But I got to take my braces
And I will wear them forever with pride.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing kid and the project she inspired, check out our Jerene’s Wish page.