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More Than Your Teeth

At Warford Orthodontics, we care about “more than just the teeth”, and with this philosophy in mind we sponsored a really informative presentation with Beth from Pretty Loaded last Saturday at the Dakota Stage Playhouse in Bismarck. A group of Warford Orthodontics Patients and families came to become empowered with personal safety skills and a self-defense mindset. As most don’t realize, if the unfortunate encounter occurs, you are your own “first responder” and need to have the skills and training ahead of time if you are going to prevail.

Some comments we received:

“Every person I know should take this class!”

“I’m going to text my friends and family about this class immediately!”

“This was truly powerful! I feel sorry that my friends didn’t take this class.”

Thanks to those who came; we know your perception of safety was changed. Thanks to Pretty Loaded and their mission to keep us all more strong, aware, and confident by “loading” us with skills and information!