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Kathy Celebrates 30 Years!

Dr. John: a few months after Nancy celebrated her 40th anniversary, Kathy now has hit the 30 year mark! She has a passion for her work and the commitment that 30 years demonstrates. She is of the most upbeat and eternally positive people I’ve ever met and a truly awesome team member.

Dr. Warford: As many know, Kathy is famous for her Newfoundland Dogs, although it’s still up for debate who is walking who when they’re out together. Being a passionate fitness instructor, Kathy is probably the fastest person around the office and goes up and down the stairs so many times a day and still finds energy to bike to work as well as teach her classes in the evening. I’ve really appreciated her contributions over the years and am glad she’s really found a great niche using her many talents in the office.

Kathy: I started at Warford Orthodontics in August of 1985. I was hired by Dr. Warford as a temporary assistant to take over for Nancy while she was out on maternity leave. Well as you can see I’m still here after 30 years and absolutely love it!

Before orthodontics I worked for a general dentist. When he retired, a friend of mine told me to apply here for the temporary position. I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I would like orthodontics, but I’ve never regretted taking the job. In a general dentist practice you’re kind of limited on what you can do as far as working on the Patients. You hand the instruments and take x-rays and impressions, kind of like helping your spouse work on a car or other projects at home; hand tools or do the clean up. In orthodontics however, an assitant gets to work on the Patients themselves and then one of the doctors comes and does the final check of whatever the Patient was scheduled for.

Quite a bit has changed in orthodontics since I’ve started. The braces are a lot smaller now and we don’t do much with bands. Also, the appliances have changed. We no longer use headgear or bionaters. Plus we now have the newest and greatest thing, Invisalign. People love them!

When Dr. John took over the practice I have to say I was a little nervous. I was used to Dr. Warford’s way of doing things, and thankfully, Dr. John took the time to explain why he did this or that.  Things changed for me also. I now run the lab and make all the invisible retainers and I absolutely love it! I love doing things with my hands and trust me I have big hands which is great because you need strong hands to remove the retainer off of the model when you fabricate it.  I’m on the go all day and the days go fast.

Dr. Warford and Dr. John have been wonderful to work for and that’s another reason I’m still here.  They will give you advice if you need it and always willing to lend you an ear. I feel very blessed to be a part of this orthodontic team and over the years I’ve really gotten to know the Patients well.

Like the song goes, “We Are Family.”  What a great team we are at Warford Orthodontics.