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Jerene’s Wish Article in Inspired Woman Magazine

This article was reprinted with permission from the Editor at Inspired Woman Magazine.

“I dream to have a beautiful smile.”

*A beautiful smile is something we often take for granted. For some people, it is emotionally painful to smile. They may feel embarrassed if their teeth are not perfectly straight. Some even endure ridicule from others. This emotional pain can alter the natural course of one’s life. Warford Orthodontics is working to change that.

When Dr. John Warford, Jr, DDS heard about this young girl, he took action. Fifteen-year-old Jerene had cancer and her wish, through Make-a-Wish, was to have braces. “When I heard about this brave young lady’s wish, I told them that we would take care of her without charge.” said Dr. John. “We gave her braces and she got new bedroom furniture with her wish instead.”

Unfortunately, Jerene died before her transformation was complete. “Shortly after Jerene’s passing, her aunt wrote a poem that moved and called me,” said Dr. John. “I started thinking… for some children without resources, that want to feel good about their smile as badly as Jerene did – should money really be a barrier? I believe intense desire and financial need are key.”

Jerene’s Wish was born and area dentists were encouraged to get the word out about the new program. The first Jerene’s Wish Patient was served in August of 2008. Jerene’s Wish

All I wish for is a nice smile. Applicants for Jerene’s Wish must meet strict financial need guidelines and complete an application process including a one-page letter stating why they would like to be selected. It is also very important to be committed to good oral hygiene in order to maximize the results. The Patient needs to be involved and dedicated throughout the entire process.Qualified Jerene’s Wish Patients receive over a 90% discount and make very small monthly payments. There have been more than 30 Jerene’s Wish participants. The value of services Warford Orthodontics has given through the program to date exceeds $150,000.

This program would change my life forever.

Patients who qualify for the Jerene’s Wish program are treated exactly like any other Patient. “We provide Jerene’s Wish Patients the customized treatment plans with exacting high standards we provide everyone – including surgical procedure,” said Dr. John. “Face & Jaw Surgery Center, Dr. Dohm and Dr. Stanley of the Institute of Facial Surgery all provide their services at no charge to Jerene’s Wish Patients.”

Children are not the only beneficiaries of Jerene’s Wish. “We began taking care of adults when we received a letter that just blew us away,” said Dr. John. “There are adults who have been held back in life because they could not afford to take care of their teeth. We want to help those, without the ability to pay, who really want and need orthodontic care.”I practice smiling without showing my teeth.

Warford Orthodontics goes out of their way to make sure anyone can have the smile they desire. “We have very flexible investment plans for anybody, really,” said Dr. John. “If people show responsibility, show us the desire – we can make it happen. I want to give back. It is not all about the teeth. It is about the smile that goes with it. It is about giving our Patients the ability to pursue their hopes and dreams through their smile.”

Warford is inspired by the results of Jerene’s Wish. “One of our Patients attributes where they are at in life to their new smile,” said Dr. John. “This person has a new job, takes a little more care in their appearance and it is all because of the mindset enhancement straight teeth and braces can provide.”

You have truly changed my life.

For more information on the Jerene’s Wish program, visit or contact us at Warford Orthodontics by calling (701) 255-1311 or (800) 732-3768.

*These lines are from prospective Patients’ submission and subsequent thank you letters to Jerene’s Wish