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Invisalign®: Why Experience Really Does Matter


Experience really does matter with Invisalign.

As a top 1% Provider of Invisalign, we have the experience to use Invisalign clear aligners for even complicated cases — cases that would otherwise require most Orthodontists to use braces…

That means, at Warford Orthodontics, Invisalign could work for you even if other Orthodontists or your Dentist told you it was “impossible.”

Many Invisalign Providers share their Provider status. Unfortunately, there is confusion because status levels sound similar. To provide clarity, I am sharing Invisalign’s Provider status levels (not top secret):

As one can imagine, there is a significant difference in Invisalign experience between a Preferred Provider treating 10 Patients annually and a Top 1% Provider who treats at least 200 Patients annually and has many hundreds more Patients treated.

No one in the area even comes close…

There are no Elite providers in North Dakota, and no Premier providers in our area. We are the ONLY Top 1% Invisalign Provider in the the state, one would have to travel to Minneapolis, Denver, or Seattle to find the next one.

We did not become a Top 1% Provider overnight.

There was a time ten years ago when I had a completely different perspective than I do now about Invisalign. I recall a conversation I had with a local colleague of mine roughly ten years ago:

Dr. Brian “You ever going to do much Invisalign?”
Me: “No way, it just doesn’t work.”

What a difference ten years can make!

Now my perspective on Invisalign has completely changed and Invisalign has come a long way in ten years.

Warford Orthodontics was recently recognized as a Top 1% Provider for Invisalign …in the World

When I found out that this meant Top 1% Invisalign Provider in the world, it really made me reflect on the accomplishment.

Did it take work? Oh yeah.

It also took a solid team. I have the best and this accomplishment never would’ve happened without them.

Education? Yes. Straightening with plastic vs metal is a very different ballgame. The vast majority of my continuing education in the past 7 years has been on Invisalign.

Commitment? Absolutely, for all of our team. I’ve somehow found myself on Christmas morning the last 5 years in a row working on Invisalign “Clinchecks” before the kids get up.

Excellence? Yes, I don’t accept any lesser result for Invisalign than I do for braces. In fact, I expect more from Invisalign.

Bismarck Orthodontist John Warford shares actual Invisalign Patient before and after.
Warford Orthodontics Invisalign Patient result.

We used to think Invisalign was only for easy cases

What’s really amazing is how far I’ve come in my perception of Invisalign and its limitation and capabilities. At one point, I thought Invisalign was like “drive thru orthodontics” and that eventually every mall in America would have an Invisalign kiosk. I thought much like a dentist who blogged in 2015:

“Now, Invisalign has progressed to the point where treatment almost never requires modification. It’s become a highly customizable technology that dentists and orthodontists can equally administer as effectively.”

This is so far from the truth! But to be fair, I once had the same mindset. I thought that if applied to only easy cases, it was going to be a breeze and “this Invisalign thing” would never really take hold as a “workhorse” in an orthodontic office.

Warford Orthodontics can use Invisalign more often because we have the experience and know-how

In contrast to that dentist’s experience (more on that in a minute) I am convinced that to be truly effective at achieving consistently great results as efficiently as possible with Invisalign one not only needs the biomechanical education and background experience of an orthodontist, but one would need to have treated hundreds of Patients to gain the necessary experience with how to modify the teeth on the virtual model. I change nearly 100% of the simulations I get back; the reasons being predictability, efficiency, or asking for complex movements exactly how I want to create them.

At this point, I often prefer Invisalign because I can be more precise during the patient’s treatment which can the time required and increase the results!

And there are even more benefits to Invisalign:

  • Decreased office visits
  • Less visible (almost invisible) treatment versus braces
  • No more expensive than braces (unlike others who charge more and have less experience

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With advances in technology and the experience of Warford Orthodontics, Invisalign is possible for more people than before, which can drastically reduce the amount of office visits standing between you and the smile you deserve.

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In some ways, Invisalign® is more difficult than braces due to the requirement of predicting all movements before they occur instead of evaluating and modifying the treatment plan at every appointment with fixed braces.

Invisalign will be the first to tell you that they are a “lab” which fabricates an orthodontic device and are not the ones to make the decisions about what should be done and how. I agree wholeheartedly, because even after a well thought out “ClinCheck” (virtual treatment plan) there is a human component involved that can’t be predicted and nearly always requires at least one or two (sometimes more for more complex cases) “refinements” to get to the desired result.

Dr. John customizing a final result for a Patient.

Each of my Patients are unique in their own special way with unique teeth challenges / opportunities. I expect outcomes of exacting perfection that Invisalign helps me achieve.

I use my experience to demand the high-tech computer systems of Invisalign match what I envision and have achieved with my hands and braces countless times. It’s an “artisanal” approach:  I move only the teeth I want to, as I want them to, in the order I want them to and finish exactly looking as I want them to.

Each Patient’s smile is a masterpiece. My Art is Orthodontics. Teeth of my Patients truly are my canvas.

I have a strong commitment to my Patient’s Experience and outcome. I find more and more Patients have their orthodontic experience enhanced with Invisalign. We still use traditional braces and have clear brackets for those who desire them. (We discuss all these options in our complimentary consultation.)

Bismarck Orthodontist Dr. John Warford crafting a final result using Invisalign technology.

Dr. John crafting a final result using Invisalign technology.

As an Invisalign expert, I know the questions I would want the answer to if I were the proud father hoping to get the best return on investment and provide a wonderful smile outcome for my child. I would want to know who has the most experience. Experience is paramount due to the varying degrees of malocclusion (misaligned teeth and/or jaws) I see as an orthodontist. The more Patients I treat, the better I am able to make decisions for the correct course to take to the final result.

The following simulation gives an idea of how I can dictate tooth movements with Invisalign, this particular case is 43 aligners and moderate difficulty.

I have had Patients share with me that a dentist or orthodontist told them they weren’t a candidate for Invisalign® due to a complication. My experience helps make Invisalign® a reality for them.

Have you or someone you know not sought the Orthodontic Transformation because of the esthetics of braces? If so, Invisalign may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Contact us for a complimentary consult (including final smile simulation) today! If you’re looking for more infomation on Invisalign, here’s a bunch of great content we’ve created ourselves to help you become more informed:

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With advances in technology and the experience of Warford Orthodontics, Invisalign is possible for more people than before, which can drastically reduce the amount of office visits standing between you and the smile you deserve.

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