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CSA: Three Letters Important to Your Health

I’ve been getting some great feedback from Patients, parents, and WO Team members about my blog posts relating to the importance of nutrition and its effects on your whole body, not just your mouth.

One of the most important factors to consider is where your foods are coming from. Eating as much “Real Food” as possible (food that hasn’t been put together by a factory) is critical. Is getting a bag of lettuce greens at the grocery store good enough or should you try to do better?


If you’re not inclined to have a garden (lettuce, by the way is really easy and fun to grow), the next best thing is to look into a local CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it’s a model where you invest in the farm at the beginning of the year and you reap the benefits of their growing season all summer.


There are a few CSA’s in the area, but before my family moved out of town and had gardening capacity to support us, we met the awesome family who runs Riverbound Farm and got vegetables (and eggs) from them for a few years so I can recommend them confidently. They really are very special farmers and have an operation that is full of integrity and a commitment to organic farming practices, let alone really fun people to have a conversation with. My opinion is that Riverbound Farm is “beyond organic” and the easiest, most cost effective and best way to provide awesome nutrition for your family. If you’re in the Bismarck/Mandan area, I’d look over their website and contact them. I’m not sure of the current status, but as of a few weeks ago they had some available slots for new members.


It’s even easier than the grocery store. They come to town to a pre-arranged meeting point, or even better, grab your kids and head to the farm! There’s an education you can get there that is completely absent in a grocery store. There’s a value to meeting “your farmers” that is hard to describe, but the produce seems to be a whole heck of a lot more special when you met the person that had the foresight and inspiration to take a little seed, put it in the soil, care for it carefully and now provide it to you as the most nutritious vegetables you can get.

Wishing you the best – Dr. John