Warford Orthodontics Coronavirus Contingency Plan

I’d like to update everyone as to the plans we have in place given the time that it becomes appropriate to not see Patients for in-office visits for a period of time. If and when that time comes, we will notify you.


UPDATE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will continue to treat patients virtually only, through April 15th, or in-office should an emergency arise. We will contact all active patients if and when this changes to sooner or later.

Wishing you all the best.


In compliance with Federal Government request, as per our plan emailed last Sunday, we will begin virtual treatment Monday the 23rd for two weeks. Our schedule this week, has already been adjusted accordingly. We have a very solid plan in place, please refer to that email or contact us with questions.

If you currently have a scheduled appointment, Dr. John and an assistant will review your chart that day or prior and reach out to you with a plan. The office doors will be open for pickup of needed supplies (aligners, elastics, etc.) from 9am-3pm. Patient or parent only please. If desired, we are willing to bring your items to your vehicle.

Again, the office will not be seeing Patients in person beginning next week, but we will continue to work remotely. We wish everyone the best, and urge you to comply with all best practices during this challenging time.


At Warford Orthodontics, we take the health of our Patients and our Team even more seriously than we do your smile. By now, everyone is aware of the progression the Coronavirus has taken worldwide and the measures taken to attempt to mitigate the disruption to everyone’s lives. I understand that you may have been inundated with “what we’re doing about the coronavirus” emails this past week, but as a Warford Orthodontics Patient, I need to keep you informed of our plans, and our unique ability to continue treatment on nearly all of our Patients for an extended period of time in the case that we aren’t able to see Patients in-person for whatever reason.

Last Friday, President Trump called for the enabling of additional “Tele-Health” measures to treat patients remotely when possible. At Warford Orthodontics, the vast majority of our Patients are aware that we have been utilizing tele-health technologies, monitoring nearly all of our Invisalign patients virtually, with technology originally developed for medicine. Dental Monitoring™ (DM, www.dental-monitoring.com) has been in use in my office since December of 2018, and we are one of the leading offices in the country for implementing this technology.

We do have the ability to monitor EVERY Patient (including braces) virtually using this technology if we need to.

Slowing the impact of the coronavirus comes down to each one of us and the personal actions we take. This “Social Distancing”, whether voluntary or mandated, to “flatten the curve”, slowing the rate it spreads in communities will be something all of us can do to make a difference.

If and when it becomes appropriate action to postpone in-person visits, we will begin implementing our “Tele-Health” measures and begin treating Patients virtually:

We will be checking all upcoming appointments and deciding if we can do a virtual check-up instead of in-person:

1)     If rescheduling your appointment is the best or only choice, that’s what we will do. We will be opening up additional patient time in order to accommodate this.

2)     If you are using DM, we will check the scans and ask for feedback via the DM App (or call/email/text/video call) and make the appropriate changes, if any. For Patients at the end of their set of aligners, we can get additional aligners for the near future without seeing you in-person.

3)     If you aren’t using DM currently, and a “virtual visit” is needed, we will send “lip and cheek retractors” and ask for a smartphone photograph or video call if it is something easily seen. Modern smartphones have camera resolution better than the human eye, so with proper instruction, this works very well.

4)     If you aren’t using DM currently, and we think it would be a good idea to do so for the near future, we can send the appropriate equipment. Instructions for use will be given.

5)     We will continue to see “emergency” Patients that are having discomfort as normal, if at all possible. Most of our Patients are being treated with Invisalign, and “emergency visits” aren’t necessary.

If you haven’t started treatment yet, and wondering are what plan will be:

1)     For our Patients with complimentary consultations scheduled, we already have in place technologies for a “virtual consultation” via our website (pop up window on the lower right side of www.warfordorthodontics.com) and or the many ways to video conference. We will be in touch with you about this.

2)     For those of you who are scheduled to begin your Smile Transformation in the coming weeks, we are developing a plan to make this a reality by delaying your needed “in-office” visit, and getting your journey started by sending (or allowing pickup of) aligners, virtual scanning equipment, and instructions to you electronically and/or via video phone call. 

If we are able to see patients in the coming weeks and you have an appointment and would like to have a virtual visit instead, please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

In addition to updating our virtual monitoring protocols, in our office we have recently installed UV light air purifiers both in the office as well as within the new HVAC system that had already had HEPA filtration. In addition to our normal Universal Precautions, this is the best possible “anti-virus” system that we can do for the protection of both our Patients and our Team. That being said, the CDC asks that we not treat Patients who are symptomatic for any illness, so please call to reschedule of have a virtual visit instead.

My Team at Warford Orthodontics is equipped with the latest in technology to deliver world class orthodontic care even in challenging times like these and are adapting to come up with new protocols to assist our Patients, in this anticipated time of “disruption”.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions in the many ways of contacting us. We are increasing our Team’s monitoring times for all of these options.


Office Phone: 701-255-1311 for voice call or text. In the event the office is closed:

Texts will be received by our Team working remotely.

Voicemails will be sent to our email so we get them.

On-Call Phone: 701-471-2539 for audio/video call or text

Dental Monitoring Patients can message via the App

Email: info@warfordorthodontics.com

My direct email: drjohn@warfordorthodontics.com

As always, we will do the very best we can, given what we are able to control. As you’re well aware, this is uncharted territory for everyone, so your patience is greatly appreciated in advance.

Wishing you the best,

Dr. John