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An Inspired Smile

When my dentist first told my mom “you should try Warford,” I thought he was talking about toothpaste. Little did I know, “Warford” was an orthodontist who was going to change my life.

When I was little, my teeth were a mess. They were crooked and jutting out in the most awkward places so my smile was not a pretty one. As a child I smiled quite often, but somewhat hesitantly because of the way my teeth looked. I was very excited when I found out that “Warford” was not a brand of toothpaste; they were a talented orthodontic office that was going to fix my teeth.

I got braces in fourth grade and it only took a few months for my teeth to begin to look better. Once they did I felt a confidence boost! When I started the life milestone known as seventh grade, I felt no shame when it came to my smile and my self-esteem was high. Now, starting my senior year in high school, I look back and know that I would have been on a different path had I not had my smile transformed when I was younger. I do not hesitate to smile for pictures with my friends and family, I face the world with more confidence, and I looked extra awesome at prom thanks to my great smile.


Dr. John has been known to say “orthodontics is about more than the teeth” and my experience has been just that. It’s about what having a great smile does for your self-esteem, confidence, and possibilities in life. My teeth look beautiful, therefore I feel beautiful as well. Thanks Mom and Dad, and thanks to the great team at Warford Orthodontics for enhancing my life more than you’ll ever know!

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