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Adult Orthodontics is More Popular Than Ever

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a child to receive benefits from orthodontic treatment. Some children “don’t know what they’re missing” by having their teeth fixed at an early age before it becomes a psychological concern. However, many adults DO know what it’s like to live with esthetic or functional concern about their teeth and receive just as much benefit if not more than kids do.

“My smile is my business card.” – Adult Patient

As recently discussed in the Wall Street Journal, orthodontics in adults has increased nearly 40% in the last 10 years and at Warford Orthodontics we have seen an increase as well. With esthetics of metal braces being a significant concern for many adults, clear braces and Invisalign (for which we’re the only Elite provider in North and South Dakota) have made orthodontics even more appealing to adults. Many say that without the esthetic options they wouldn’t even consider it.

“When I look back, many key moments of my life would’ve been different had I not been afraid to smile.” – Adult Patient

As was also discussed in the Wall Street Journal article, orthodontics for adults are different than kids due to the limits of a non growing jaw as well as dental restorations that have altered the tooth shapes and how they will fit together. Most of the time these limitations are of little concern to the Patient, only when the conditions are more severe do they cause challenges. However, the benefits to meeting these challenges can make a big difference to a Patient’s long term oral health.

“I used to smile funny to cover my crooked tooth, now my family and friends can’t believe the difference!” – Adult Patient

Improvements in technology make a big difference for adults and not just in the esthetics of the appliance system. We can show you a simulation of your straight teeth at your initial visit if you wish and offer “Accelerated Orthodontics” which can speed up treatment by up to 50%.

“I used to sit in the certain spot in the board room so in meetings people wouldn’t be able to see my crooked tooth as well.” – Adult Patient

I have treated Patients well into their 70’s and a few into their 80’s. I remember a story told to the residents at University of Missouri by Dr. Don Thompson (our Program Director and amazing man) nearly 15 years ago when I was there that gives perspective to adult orthodontics: “I had a Patient come in once who was in her 60’s, thinking she was too old for braces and wouldn’t see the long term benefit that someone younger would. Over 30 years later I saw her at an event and she told me how glad she was to have had braces when she did and was still wearing her retainers faithfully”.

No matter what’s holding you back: concerns about esthetics, possible effects on lifestyle and schedule, treatment time, investment, comfort, or “my dentist said I would need (fill in the blank) and that concerns me”, I’ve seen it before and we can discuss these all in depth.

Your first visit is complimentary and surprisingly thorough, including necessary x-rays, photos and full treatment plan with all concerns addressed. Remember, no referral is necessary and we look forward to partnering with you during your orthodontic transformation! Click here for more information.