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Your teen’s smile is priceless. Now, with Enlightening Smiles, it could even be FREE!

A bright student deserves a bright smile. The world-class team at Warford Orthodontics is proud to partner with Enlightening Smiles in order to provide free Invisalign treatment to financially-eligible high school students who plan to continue with their studies after graduation.

  • Free orthodontics
  • #1 Invisalign provider
  • Application required

See if you or your teen qualifies

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"We loved Dr. Warford and the entire staff! They were all so friendly and welcoming and Dr. Warford is a miracle worker. My daughter’s teeth look amazing and she can now smile with confidence."


Smile Story

Learn more about Enlightening Smiles

Providing world-class orthodontic care to tomorrow’s leaders

Enlightening Smiles is a nonprofit organization that was started by one of our very own patients at Warford Orthodontics. The idea is simple: we believe that students with a bright future in front of them shouldn’t let a lack of financial resources get in the way of an equally bright smile. The program is aimed at high school juniors and seniors with outstanding academic marks and/or participation.

Warford Orthodontics

You may qualify for a free Invisalign treatment from Warford Orthodontics

Anyone who meets the basic criterion below is encourage to apply for no-cost Invisalign treatment through our Enlightening Smiles program:

  • Currently attending high school - juniors and seniors will be given preference, but qualified sophomores and freshman are encouraged to apply
  • Outstanding academic success throughout your high school career, which may include (but does not require) AP or dual-credit courses
  • Plans to continue with your education after graduation
  • Displayed leadership in extracurricular activities or relevant work experience
  • Untreated orthodontic needs, but otherwise good overall oral health
  • Financial need, with parent/guardian taxable income falling at or below 200% of the poverty line

Share your story and submit your application

If you read the list above and think you or your teen is a good fit for the Enlightening Smiles program, we want you to apply! Our team will review your application and financial paperwork. Then, Dr. John will complete an orthodontic screening and see if you qualify for free Invisalign treatment.

Receive no-cost orthodontic care

We believe that every high-potential young adult should get the chance to experience the confidence that comes with a glowing smile. Qualified applicants will receive a customized Invisalign treatment plan created by Dr. John, the only Top 1% VIP Invisalign provider in North Dakota.

Reach your full potential

Become a Warford Smiles success story and start to see the positive effects of a healthy smile. Our desire is for you to step into your future endeavors with a beautiful smile and the confidence you need to succeed at whatever you set your mind to.

Warford Orthodontics

Your pre-application checklist

In your application, we’ll ask a few specific questions about grades, employment, and financial need. We recommend getting the following items together before applying.

  • Parent/Guardian tax forms (1040/1040-EZ) to verify financial need (Please black out sensitive information)
  • Unofficial transcript to show academic standing
  • ACT/SAT scores (if applicable)
  • Information on extracurricular activities
  • Work History
  • Awards/Scholarships

You’ll also be asked to complete two of the three essays below (each 300 words max). Parents, we ask that you have your teen work on these themselves - we want to hear their responses in their own words!

  • What is something you want to change in the world and how will an improved smile/bite help you achieve that goal?
  • Explain a scenario where you feel your smile limited your optimum interaction with others.
  • How do you foresee receiving orthodontic treatment impacting your life twenty years from now?
Why do I need an orthodontist

Why choose Warford Orthodontics and the Enlighten Smiles program?

We are committed to providing top-notch care to our patients and to serving our local/nearby communities. We’ll go the extra mile and employ the latest techniques to offer you the most comfortable and rewarding treatment experience possible. From the moment you walk through our door at Warford Orthodontics until the day you become a Smile Story success, your care is our top priority.

  • 20,000+ smiles and counting - With over 50 years of combined experience, we’re confident we can create the smile of your dreams
  • World-class Invisalign providers - Dr. John is the only Top 1% VIP Invisalign provider in North Dakota
  • Completely custom treatments - We will create a treatment program specifically for your smile, ensuring you have the best possible results
  • Fully remote capabilities - You can monitor your treatment remotely with Dental Monitoring, our AI-based smartphone app
  • Free orthodontic consultations - Find out which treatment you could benefit from most and get answers to your questions about orthodontic care
Warford Orthodontics

2020 applications are opening soon!

Get on the fall 2020 waitlist for orthodontic treatment through the Enlightening Smiles program. Follow the link below, or reach out to the organization by email at: enlightening.smiles.nd@gmail.com

  • Gather your application materials
  • Submit your application to Enlightening Smiles
  • Receive free orthodontic care at Warford Orthodontics!

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