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A Unique Continuing Education Experience

What a great place to have a CE event!

Last Friday, Warford Orthodontics sponsored a great opportunity for a diverse educational experience for over 150 dentists and dental staff members from the Bismarck area as well as southwest North Dakota. It was held at 1603 Main Events, and we got a lot of comments about how great the venue was.

First up was Rachel Smith, a hygienist from Dallas TX, and speaker to dental groups all across the country. She did an awesome job, and presented on the importance for all dental offices to make screening for crowded teeth a high priority because of its impact on not only dental health, but overall body health as well. She also talked about how when you invest in dental work, it is much better to do that when the teeth fit better so the investment lasts longer.

Rachel Smith

Next up was our own Dr. John, in his speaking debut in the Bismarck area. He talked about the Warford Orthodontics philosophy (including some positive psychology and the role of Happiness at work to our success), the importance of early orthodontic screening ( and then discussed the many myths and realities of Invisalign treatment by comparing it to conventional braces. He presented over 35 Patient results, and obviously put a lot of hard work into it.

Dr John showing an x-ray of a Patient who should have come in for a complimentary consultation earlier.

Many dental professionals still think “Invisalign doesn’t work as well as braces” and he did a great job of proving that wrong, with many dentists talking with him afterward how it just “really changed their mind” about Invisalign. As the only Invisalign Elite provider between Minneapolis and Boise, he is in a unique position to show many different kinds of Patients who now have the awesome technology of Invisalign as a modern treatment option. For more information about Invisalign, see here.

After a great lunch made by Chef DiDonna, we enjoyed some awesome Personal Safety Training by Pretty Loaded founder, Beth Warford. All of the Warford Orthodontics team has had this training and we wanted to offer this to all of our dental friends because as we say, at Warford Orthodontics, we care about your Safety AND your Smile!

Beth teaching about Predators, their usual tactics and how to protect yourself against them.

We’re hosting a free Pretty Loaded training on April 11th for our Patients and their families, call or email if you’d like to come.

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