Smile Story: Scott

Scott was 48 years old when he decided to take the leap and invest in himself and his smile.

In this video, Scott shares how his Invisalign treatment made an impact in his life, from family photos to new job opportunities.”I would never for a million dollars go back to where my teeth were before..”

Scott’s story of smile transformation is a shining example of what we strive for each day at Warford Orthodontics:

To change the world, one smile at a time.



Smile Story: Tawnya

Tawnya was convinced that her teeth could not be straightened until she recently made the choice to start Invisalign.

In this video, Tawnya shares how having a smile she was not proud of affected her life and social interactions, and how that inspired her to to find a solution.

Tawnya’s story of smile transformation is just beginning here at Warford Orthodontics.

How about yours?



One Smile at a Time..

At Warford Orthodontics, treatment is about much more than braces or Invisalign. It is about helping people better their lives with a beaming smile.

In this video, hear real Patients and staff talk about what Warford Orthodontics is for them, and how something as simple as straightening teeth can completely transform your life!

These stories are great examples of our mission here at Warford Orthodontics:

Changing the world, one smile at a time.


Looking to transform your smile?
Whether for personal or professional reasons, the impact of a beautiful smile changes lives! Warford Orthodontics is a leader and expert in clear options like Invisalign, so that you can transform your smile – and your confidence – easily and without braces. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation or click below for more.

Have questions about your child’s smile? Dr. John has children aged 7 to 10 years, the time when orthodontic checkups should begin. Dr. John recommends the same treatment whether the patient is your child or his own. Although most kids don’t need early treatment, for those that do the benefits are significant. Find out what Dr. John recommends here:

Questions about the cost of treatment? One of the first questions for many people considering orthodontic treatment concerns cost. Warford Orthodontics prides itself on transparent pricing, and offers programs that help reduce the cost of treatment through volunteering. How much will the investment be? What are the payment options?


Warford Orthodontics Smile Gallery


The Clear Alternative to Braces!

Invisalign is an invisible alternative to braces that can be removed at your convenience. Perfect for adults and children who want to straighten their teeth without the look of braces! What’s more – our extensive training and state of the art scanning & modeling technology, have made us North Dakota’s only Elite Invisalign provider.

What sets Warford Orthodontics apart?

Complimentary consultations including low radiation digital x-rays, digital modeling, as well as the ability to speak with the Doctors at every visit. A truly friendly staff, a beautiful office, and a 41 year track record of the highest quality care available. These are just a few of the things that set Warford apart from the rest.

Dr. John Warford Jr.

More likely to talk about his patients than about himself, Dr. John takes pride in giving smiles everyday. His work has been featured in the American Journal of Orthodontics, and he is the only Elite Invisalign provider in the Dakotas. More importantly, he has helped his patients transform their lives, one smile at a time.

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